Company Profile

《一元電力》 is a world-class smart power system integrator with China's leading power charging grid solution for two wheeled EV's. The integrated solution leverages on our management team's decades-long experience in the finance, energy, internet, electronics and manufacutring industries.

《一元電力》began in 2014 with offices in Dongguan, Yentai and Taipei. In 2018, we created the industry's first smart EV charging station that received safety certification by relevant Chinese government standards body. Within a few years, the company has built up an EV charging network of thousands of charging points across 10 provinces including Guangdong, Hunan, Anhui and Fujian.

In addition to an outstanding record in hardware manufacturing, location set-up and safe operations, 《一元電力》 adopted blockchain and AI technology last year to build a more efficient and transparent renewable energy network and exchange platform. This allows end users and investors to participate directly in the creation of smart solution for green transport for up to 400mil chinese. 《一元電力》is now the most trusted partner for setting up smart energy infrastructure, and will continue to pioneer solutions for the renewable energy sectors.


Waterproof, lightning-proof, Anti short-circuit
Anti-overload and anti-leakage


Activate the charging pile with application, Automatic power-off when the battery is full
Real-time charging status notification

More Convenient

Online reservation, Route navigation
Automatic billing

Product Description

《一元電力》combines the smart charging stations, WeChat applet, Internet of Things and big data technology. 《一元電力》charging device is small and able to be installed conveniently in residential areas, industrial areas, outdoor parking lots and other public locations.

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Anti-lightning, anti-short circuit, anti-overload, anti-leakage protection, when the electric power is higher than 1000W overload, the power is automatically cut off to ensure the safety of the charging process. The standard 220V AC power socket is suitable for charging all kinds of two wheeled electric vehicles. Simply unplug the charching point to end the charging.


The charging point management system is closely interconnected with the software and hardware system to monitor the operation of charging point usage in real time.


The charging point management system also adopts the Internet of Things technology to ensure the stable transmission of data between the charging points and constantly monitor the operations in real time.


No need to download any additional software or app. After opening the applet, it can display the locations of nearby charging points, support route navigation and reserve charging points. The charging will automatically end when the battery is full and the user will be notified by WeChat with the invoice of the charging bill.

Applicable Place

《一元電力》provides free installation, system management and solves the problems of random parking of electric vehicles as well as difficulties and hidden dangers in charging. It can be installed in residential areas, schools, industrial parks, shopping mall parking lots, outdoor parking lots and other public places.


Industrial Areas

Outdoor parking lots

Successful Cases

Token Issuance

YYE token-Electricity Incentive Production Token

Total issued 3 billion
Issue specifications ERC20
Token distribution ratio As shown below

YY Token- Stable token

Total issued unlimited
Issue specifications Nano
Issue price Approaching the market price of 0.1 kWh of electricity

Token Application Ratio


  1. 2020

    2020 Q1 Developed blockchain, Internet of Things and 5G integrated system, tested AI power grid system model and expanded to South China for official partnerships
    2020 Q2 Reached 3,000 charging stations and formed a strategic partnership with lithium battery suppliers
    2020 Q3 Expanded to North China for official partnerships and formed a strategic partnership with the top 3 Chinese asset management firms
    2020 Q4 Expanded to South-west China for official partnerships and kickstarted the first IPO of tokens

  2. 2021

    2021 Q1 Reach 10,000 charging stations, test power generating facilities and start crowd-funding model
    2021 Q3 Launch investments in power generating facilities, trial charging stations in South East Asia, and expand settlement token’s applications

  3. 2022

    2022 Unite upstream, midstream and downstream energy sectors and develop economies of scale in South East Asia
    2023 Launch energy derivatives trading market

Our Team

Jack Lin

Chairman and Co-Founder

  • Most recently MSCI's Head of Asia Pacific, member of the global executive commitee
  • Leading Asia Pacific executive for global investment management firms such as Pioneer Investment, Janus Capital Group and Franklin Templeton Investments
  • Chief Investment Officer of Chinadotcom, a leading internet and media company co-founded by AOL Time Warner and Xinhua News Agency
  • PHD from UCLA School of Law and MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management
Bob Jiao


  • One of the first advocates for energy exchange technologies in Greater China and has funded numerous new energy related startups such as Sincerest Capital, ezSWAP, GCE, etc.
  • Founded High-Top Group in 2004, focusing mainly on electronic components, and its clients include Kingston, Samsung, Toshiba and Sandisk
  • Dedicated focus on the two wheeled EV development and charging infrastructure in the past 5 years
  • Founded 一元電力 in China in 2018 to pioneer a new energy charging solution
Paul Roberts


  • Compal Electronics Senior Director, Investment Planning and Management Office – a global top 500 firm with annual revenue of over 30 billion USD – and in charge of strategic investments and managing lead investment projects
  • In charge of multiple reinvestment businesses under Compal, contributing to annual combined revenue of 1.2 billion USD and annual profit of 80 million USD
  • Acer Group, ID SoftCapital Inc. Managing Partner, responsible for investments, mergers and acquisitions and business transformation; participated in the transformation of Eslite group and HK Golden Harvest Group
Dennis Li


  • Former fixed income trader at Masterlink Securities Corporation , with a record of daily trading volume of 10 billion in government bonds
  • Former Director of Futures Proprietary Department at Masterlink Securities Corporation, with over 22 years of experience in the capital markets
  • Responsible for 一元電力's financial planning and forecasting
  • MBA from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Jerry Peng


  • Former Greater China CEO of Eng Electric Company with 23 years of experience in electronics industries
  • Responsible for 一元電力's charging station operations and strategic partnerships across China
Lman Chu

Technical Consultant

  • CEO of BiiLabs, one of globally renowned blockchain solution start up
  • Invited to UN’s ID2020 to offer blockchain solutions for its Peacekeeping Force
  • Over 20 years of cross-industry experience in areas including Internet, embedded system and special cell site
  • Founded Himelight in 2015, focusing on nurturing tech talents and open innovation for enterprises

Media Recommendation

Common Questions

The core value of one 《一元電力》?

《一元電力》 provides a convenient platform for users and investors at the same time, and provides a balance between investors' returns and users' usage through blockchain technology. Whenever a user charges an EV through the charging station, the investor will get the income of 《一元電力》 token. Users can spend less time and money through the 《一元電力》token platform, check the current charging points fundraising and buildout plan or find nearby available charging points, and use its platform to make appointments and payments. The platform effectively matches supply and demand, manage effective network growth and continued development of a sound and sustainable ecosystem.

《一元電力》 advantage?

The charging system provided by Yiyuan Power can reduce the spontaneous combustion problem of traditional charging points, and highly optimize the user experience, and utilize blockchain technology to ensure that account data of users and investors are not lost or tampered with.

《一元電力》 solution?

《一元電力》will use blockchain technology to change the previous charging method. Based on blockchain technology, it can build an application system that runs ecosystems, certification fairness, contract intelligence, and information transparency. It also adds substantial rewards for assisting in the addition of charging piles. 《一元電力》’s decentralized platform will list different services, provide a safe and regulatory compliant charging solution, two wheeled EV can become an clean and effective mode of transporation with teh availability of a safe, efficient and officially certified charging network. Our logistics maintenance team will track the usage of charging points and battery exchange stations and provide the best user expereince through the company's effective client service platform to ensure professional standards and credibility.

How does 《一元電力》apply artificial intelligence?

Using artificial intelligence to assist the charging points in energy management, combined with the regional electricity consumption information collected by the energy trading platform, assess the electricity consumption habits and power load level of the area, so that the intelligent monitoring platform can be based on real-time prices (Real-Time Prices, RTP) and Energy storage equipment (Battery Energy Storage System, BESS) makes charge and discharge decisions to slow down peak loads.

Current partner?

《一元電力》 cooperates with BiiLabs, an IoT authority that is widely trusted by governments, analyzes the number of users through the charging pile hardware to obtain the most complete hardware life cycle, collects complete user data, and sends it to the distributed ledger through the API provided by BiiLabs (DLT) Establish a complete record that cannot be tampered with. The user can immediately query charging station information and open and transparent charging rates through the charging app.

What is the purpose of the YY Electricity token?

YYE tokens give users the opportunity to participate in the buld out of YiYuan Power's charging network and participate in the future revenue generation from designated charging points. The stable coin YY is a utility token based on electricity charges, which can be accessed by users who need charging. Its token value is linked to the price of electricity made available for EV charging by YiYuan's network and is affected by general market fluctuations. It is a good choice for asset diversification and alternative value preservation.